Keep Your Parking Lot or Roadway Smooth

Keep Your Parking Lot or Roadway Smooth

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If you're responsible for a road or parking area, it's important to keep the surface free of potholes with routine pothole repair. Summit Asphalt has the knowledge, equipment and skills needed to take care of them.

Potholes begin as weak areas in the asphalt, generally because the underlying soil has washed away. Over time, the surface of the roadway or parking lot caves in and forms potholes. These can be dangerous for any vehicle that drives over them. Smaller potholes can damage your tires, while larger potholes can break an axle or bend the frame of the car.

Avoid these expensive car troubles by repairing any pothole as soon as you find it. Contact Summit Asphalt to handle your asphalt patching needs in Sandy, UT.

Pothole patching is essential to roadway upkeep

Keeping your asphalt surfaces smooth and even is an essential part of property maintenance. Patching a pothole is a fairly simple process. Our team can handle any pothole repair job in just a few steps. When you hire us, we will:

  • Clean the pothole so no large rocks remain
  • Pour in cold patch material to fill the pothole
  • Tamp down the patch material until it's even

Once the patch is dry, the pothole is repaired. Asphalt patching can extend the life of your roadway or parking lot, so you don't need to repave as often. For more information about pothole repair in Sandy, UT, call our team at 801-201-1760 right away.