Be Sure You Build on Level Land

Be Sure You Build on Level Land

Choose Summit Asphalt for excavation services in Sandy, Provo, Park City & Salt Lake City, UT

Are you ready to build a new home or commercial structure? Hire us to excavate your land so you can begin laying the foundation for your new building. We have the heavy-duty excavators and bulldozers needed to complete your excavation work in a timely manner. We can also dig holes for sewer line replacement and utility line installation projects.

Summit Asphalt specializes in excavation services in the  Sandy, Provo, Park City & Salt Lake City, UT area. If you need a concrete driveway, sidewalk or slab removed, we can do that, too. Arrange for concrete removal services by calling 801-201-1760 today.

Avoid future foundation issues by grading your site properly

Without site grading services, your home or business could be built on an unstable base. If you need to make your property level or precisely sloped, we can do the job. Summit Asphalt offers grading and excavation services in  Sandy, Provo, Park City & Salt Lake City, UT.

Site grading will create a stable base for:

  • Laying a foundation
  • Planting cover crops
  • Installing a driveway
  • Building a retaining wall


Reach out to us right away to learn more about our concrete removal and grading services.