Concrete vs Asphalt Driveway: Which is Better

When it comes to driveway paving materials, concrete, and asphalt are two of the most popular options. But which one is the best choice for your home? In this blog post, we’ll compare concrete and asphalt driveways to help you decide.


Concrete and asphalt driveways both have distinct visual characteristics. Concrete driveways have a smooth, polished appearance that can be customized with different colors and textures. Asphalt driveways, on the other hand, have a black, textured surface.

While some homeowners prefer the sleek look of concrete driveways, others appreciate the rustic charm of asphalt driveways. Ultimately, the appearance of your driveway will depend on your personal style preferences.


When it comes to durability, both concrete and asphalt driveways are built to last. However, concrete driveways tend to be more durable than their asphalt counterparts. Concrete has a longer lifespan than asphalt, meaning you’ll likely need to replace your asphalt driveway twice as often as a concrete one.

Concrete driveways are less susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures, heavy traffic, and chemical spills. Conversely, asphalt can crack and warp over time, especially in harsh weather conditions.


Both concrete and asphalt driveways require regular maintenance to keep them looking and functioning their best. However, the type and frequency of maintenance will vary depending on the material.

Concrete driveways should be sealed every few years to protect them from water damage and staining. They should also be swept and power washed regularly to remove debris and prevent the buildup of dirt and grime.

Asphalt driveways need to be seal coated every 3-5 years to protect them from damage caused by UV rays and water. They should also be swept and power washed regularly to prevent the buildup of debris and staining.


Cost is often a deciding factor when choosing between concrete and asphalt driveways. Generally speaking, asphalt driveways are more affordable than concrete driveways in terms of initial installation costs and ongoing maintenance.

However, it’s important to remember that while asphalt driveways may be cheaper upfront, they’ll likely need to be replaced more often than concrete driveways. So, while you may save money in the short term, you’ll likely spend more in the long run.

Environmental Impact

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your driveway, there are a few things to consider. First, concrete is a more eco-friendly option than asphalt. Concrete is recyclable from natural materials (such as sand, gravel, and cement).

Asphalt, on the other hand, is made from petroleum-based materials and is not easily recyclable. Additionally, the process of producing and laying asphalt emits more greenhouse gases than the production of concrete.

Bottomline: Asphalt or Concrete Driveway 

So, which is better: a concrete or asphalt driveway? Ultimately, the answer depends on your specific needs and preferences. Concrete is the way to go if you’re looking for a durable, low-maintenance option that will last years. If you’re on a tighter budget and don’t mind replacing your driveway more often, an asphalt driveway may be the right choice.

Regardless of your chosen material, hire a reputable contractor and perform regular maintenance to keep your driveway looking and functioning at its best.

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